General / 09 May 2020

Mayterials 2020 | Week 1

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In my previous post I mentioned that I started with the Mayterials challenge hosted by The Club. It's been a week and here's the result!
This has been a great experience for me so far, I've had it on my mind for a while already to do one of these challenges. So this was the perfect time for it as I've been a bit stuck on what type of materials to make for personal work.

The prompts of week 1

Prompt 1 | Nature

For this one I wanted to try some different layering workflows with use the Shape Splatter node.

Prompt 2 | Beach

I wanted to do something different than just plain beach sand and instead went with something goofy, hence Mister Coconut was born!

Prompt 3 | Harvest

Another layering practice using the same workflow as I used for 'Nature', this time with some stylized potatoes, the sylization came early on when I just had a plain albedo and I kinda liked the look of it, so I commited to it.

Prompt 4 | Sin

Based on a shot of one of my favorite movies, Se7en, I enjoyed doing the lighting for this one a lot. 

Prompt 5 | Adventure

I went back to this prompt later in the challenge as I wasn't sure what to make, in the end I chose to go for a map.

Prompt 6 | Circus

For this prompt I went for a circustent floormat based of a reference I found online.

Prompt 7 | Ancient

 Based on a reference I found of an ancient carved stone floor found in Hanoi, Vietnam. These ornament type of materials are my favorite type to make.
That concludes the first week of Mayterials, onto the next one!

- Martin