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Mayterials 2020 | Week 2

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The second week of Mayterials is over. Actually it's already over for some time..
I tried to keep up after already starting a couple days late, which resulted in a drop in quality on a few materials that I dropped and did a redo on later down the line as I wasn't happy with the result. So I decided that I do not want to rush out materials that are far below what I had set my expectations on for the sake of hitting the prompt/day.
On top of that I still want to learn something with each material, be it a different workflow, technique or use it as a lighting and rendering exercise, so that's why I will keep going till I hit that small goal and then wrap up the material.
I'm still really enjoying the challenge and it's great to see so much cool stuff being shared all the time under the #Mayterials tag, really motivating to see.

The prompts of week 2

Prompt 8 | Junk

Wanted to take this prompt in the direction of junk mail as it was something I hadn't seen done yet during the challenge. 
The design of the mailbox is based of the one we have here in our appartment building.

Prompt 9 | Quilted

Been wanting to do a quilt material for some time so this was the perfect opportunity! 
With this one I want to thank two of my favorite art communities, The DiNusty Empire and Experience Points.

Prompt 10 | Vaporwave

For this one I wanted to try some graphic design type stuff in Designer by just working with shapes and an albedo map.
It was surprisingly quick to get shapes going through this workflow.

Prompt 11 | Electrical

During this challenge I want to create some 'usable' materials as well so I went to search for ref and stumbled upon a picture of some electric floor heat mats and decided to give it a go, the cables were a nice challenge to figure out.

Prompt 12 | Meal

Another shape layering practice. This one is dedicated to our cat, Maya, who unfortunately passed away last year.

Prompt 13 | Time

One thing I wanted to focus on a lot during this challenge was that I want to try out a lot of different kind of moods through lighting.

Prompt 14 | Musical

For this prompt I wanted to do some simple speakers, I really liked this one because of the wide range in roughness of the different elements.

That's it for week 2 of Mayterials, onto the prompts of week 3!

- Martin