General / 10 June 2020

Mayterials 2020 | Week 5

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Here's the compilation of the fifth and final week of Mayterials.
The last three materials of the challenge!
It's been a great experience and I want to thank The Club for hosting, they did a great job getting the word out considering this was the first time this challenge was held. The community participating in the challenge was also very motivating to keep pushing on. For me the hardest part of the challenge was to think of something creative to make around some of the prompts, this took sometimes more time than the actual creation of the material itself.

In the end I can say that I'm satisfied how the complete batch of materials turned out, considering the amount of time spend on each was so limited. I've also learned a couple new tricks along the way, which I can now incorporate into future materials.

The prompts of week 5

Prompt 29 | Desert

For Desert I went with a simple sand material, mainly focusing on getting some soft shapes.

Prompt 30 | Nautical

For the Nautical prompt I went with a porthole, it was some good shape creation practice.

Prompt 31 | Community  

For Community I found it fitting to create something related to this challenge and the community that made this possible.

That's it for Mayterials, full ArtStation post will drop soon!

- Martin