General / 10 February 2020

Exp + DiNusty Cyberpunk Challenge is Live!

Today we kick off our first collaborative challenge between the Experience Points and The DiNusty Empire communities!
The reception so far has been great and we've seen a lot of brainstorming and ideas getting passed around the past few weeks.

All the info about the challenge, the full list of prizes and links to our Discord servers can be found HERE
This challenge wouldn't be possible without the effort and help of Kem Yaralioglu, Jeremy Estrellado, Alex Beddows, Jacob Kryca, Romain Lambert, Luan Vetoreti, Peter Tran, Josh Van Zuylen, all of our judges, our moderators and our sponsors for providing goodies for the three winners!

Remember the aim of this challenge shouldn’t be to win, but to create cool stuff along with like minded here in our communities.
We hope you all learn a lot, give each other feedback and most importantly have fun while doing it.
We can’t wait to see what you all end up creating in the world of Cyberpunk, good luck!