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Mayterials 2020 | Week 4

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Here's the compilation of the fourth week of Mayterials.
Some of these I went back to after I skipped over them on the initial prompt days as I wasn't sure what to create for some of them, but did want to complete all 31 prompts of the challenge.

The prompts of week 4

Prompt 22 | Elemental

I found this a really cool prompt, but I struggled for a long time to find something suitable to create for it, as I kept searching I went into the direction of Avatar with their symbols of the elements and made an ornate floor out of it.

Prompt 23 | Technology

For technology I went with an USB wall outlet based of this ref.

Prompt 24 | Stone

For this one I went for pitted stone floor based of this ref, done as a replication study.

Prompt 25 | Retro

Very simplistic one for this prompt, wasn't too sure on what to create for this.

Prompt 26 | Casino

For this prompt I went with a quite simple design of the individual chips and used this as another stacking exercise with some more solid type of objects.

Prompt 27 | Sewer

I had done a manhole material in the past for a Polycount challenge, so I decided to go for a different type for this one, grate design based of one used in the movie IT.

Prompt 28 | Abandoned

For this prompt I went with wallpaper, the pattern is from an image I downloaded, as I didn't want to focus a crazy amount of time on this aspect.

That's it for week 4 of Mayterials, the compiltation of week 5 will come soon!

- Martin