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Mayterials 2020 | Week 3

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Here's the compilation of the third week of Mayterials. (At the time of posting week 4 is over already)
It was during this week that I started to fall behind a bit and decided to pick up prompts at random days ,I also got stuck on a couple prompts deciding what to make that I skipped over them, so sometimes I would work on the prompt of the day and then pickup another prompt from the previous week to finish them all up.

The prompts of week 3

Prompt 15 | Beans

I wasn't really in the mood to do any type of regular beans so I went with a beanbag ball instead.

Prompt 16 | Frozen

I hadn't really dabbled with ice much before, so this was a nice prompt to get into it.

Prompt 17 | Plague

I wanted to make some tarp for some time already, so snuck it into this prompt, I also came to realise how easy it is to recreate the Biohazard logo, I had not looked at it in this way before.

Prompt 18 | Magic

For this prompt I wanted to do a magic circle, this was a great exercise for shape creation and layering.

Prompt 19 | Planet

Did a few tries on some other planets but couldn't get it looking right, so I went with Neptune instead and focused on layering colors.

Prompt 20 | Medical

A more simple one for this prompt, refining the layering workflow that I started using during this challenge.

Prompt 21 | Puzzle

This one was a really fun one to figure out, it turned into a playable version of Sudoku, however with a super clunky way of playing it.

That's it for week 3 of Mayterials, onto week 4!

- Martin